Saturday, June 1, 2013

I think this blog is going to work out.  I have 31 years of color and skin care information floating around in my head.  That should be enough to keep me going for a long time!

I know this is mostly about color, but today I think we'll talk about skin care.  Why?  Because you can't look great in your makeup unless your skin is in the best shape it can be.

Many years ago a very wise woman gave me this analogy.  Imagine your skin to be a mattress. The mattress is lumpy.  Then you take the best quality of sheets you can buy and put them on the bed.  The bed is still going to be lumpy.   If your skin isn't perfect (or as perfect as it can be), putting the best makeup you own on your face isn't going to make you look significantly better.

So how do you go about making a change?  Start with a cleanser.  No soap and water and no using the shampoo from your hair.  And yes, I had a customer once who said she did that!!  Avon has several cleansers, and one of them will suit your skin type.  Then find good AM and PM creams.  We have things for all ages and all skin types.  I promise you that the first time you put them on you'll feel a difference.  Change takes time, so don't expect perfect skin overnight.  It doesn't happen that way!

Then think about what you don't like about your skin.  Is it fine lines?  Is it deep wrinkles in the marionette area around your mouth?  How about discoloration on your skin due to sun damage?  Once you determine which (or all!) of these you need "fixed", get the treatments you need.  If you're not sure, ask me.  Tell me what your problem areas are and I can advise you.

Now it's time to think about color.  Do you need a foundation to even out your skin?  How about blush? Do you have rosacea?  Are you thinking about a daytime look?  Something fancy for night?  Or just helping to hide the problem areas?  These are things to think about until I get the next blog post up.

Until then, think about questions I might be able to answer.  Or just comment below if you like what I write.  I appreciate any comments!  Thanks for reading!


  1. Thank you for all you do to educate representatives about skin care and color! You've always graciously shared all your knowledge with us!

  2. Hey I have a question ? Why doesn't Avon offer any kind of coverup options other than a tan or nude color? Light, Medium and Dark? I had a compact that was Julia Dempsey that had a light tan, pink and yellow and light orange to use. I wore out the pink and yellow. It helps cover bruising and roseca vein lines. What do you offer now?

  3. Several years ago we had "tinted" coverup options. The challenge was that without a knowlegeable rep to help, the customers don't know how to use it. Many reps sell without ever seeing or getting to know their customers and as a result, there probably weren't many reorders on this item-a compact with five shades. This is a roundabout way of saying that if it doesn't sell, Avon can't afford to keep it in the warehouse. It used to be a million of every item every campaign. I don't know if that's still the rule, but without competant reps, certain products will never sell well. I wish I had a better answer. Perhaps if you contact Avon directly they might listen if the CUSTOMERS write and want something. It's worked before and could work again!