Monday, June 3, 2013

What IS a Makeup Maven, anyhow?

It occurred to me today that I never explained exactly what a makeup maven is.

This is something new for Avon.  As I explained the other day we had to do a video on color and ultimately, there could've been one Maven for every district in the country.  As it turned out, there weren't enough entries and/or qualified entries so some districts don't have a Maven.  Each division, all sixty of them, DO have a winner.  Then each region has a winner, chosen from the divisional winners in that region.

Our job?  Helping to spread news about color, helping our district and beyond learn about color and how to use it.  Although I didn't get to attend the NYC event where they shared a lot of tips with us, I'm learning that we should be using social media as much as possible.

I've tried to use Twitter.  Twice.  I just don't get it.  And as busy as I am, I don't know that I need to take the time to really learn it.  I DO use Facebook, and I've started this blog.  I'm hoping to spread MY word this way.

Every quarter the Mavens get a box of products.  We're to use and share those products to help encourage our fellow reps to use them as well.

We have several very creative Mavens.  They're always challenging the rest of us to work a little harder or share the products in a new and different way.  This month, for example, we had to write down a list of 30 makeup items we own and use.  Each day, a different number is drawn and we're to use that item and post it on our Maven website.  We can also post it to blogs or FB or anywhere else we feel we can get the word out.

I have been SO busy that I was unable to do the first three days.  I'm really looking forward to tomorrow.  I have MOST of the day free so I can play with my item and with any luck, post it here for everyone to see.

Maybe you've seen an Avon item but aren't sure how to use it.  Maybe you can ask me to show you how to use it, and I'll do my best to help.

Look for some interesting products to show up here during the month of June!!

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  1. Really good post! Make sure to reach out to her for all your beauty needs! :)