Thursday, June 6, 2013

Why I Disappear Sometimes...

Because I'm an Avon rep, you'll all have to understand when I disappear from time to time.

I started selling Avon, for the first time, when my daugher was 3 and a half.  She's 42 now.   I sold for three years, almost exactly, and then we moved.  I was about four weeks from my due date with my son and gave up my business because it was the thing to do at the time.   We'd bought our first house, I had one going to kindergarten and another nearly born. My days were about to become very full.

Fast forward about five years.  My son was ready to start kindergarten and the part-time job I had just wasn't cutting it.  On New Year's Day, I called my Avon rep and asked her to send over her manager to sign me up.  Too bad leadership wasn't started yet or my Avon rep would've been a bit wealthier.  I made PC in six months and never looked back.

There are good and bad things to a business the size of mine.  One of them is being able to attend every swim meet, every soccer game, and during my son's senior year, football AND soccer.  (He was the after-point kicker in football, and a goalie in soccer.)  If one of my kids was sick, I could be here and catch up later.  The bad thing is that with a business this size, it requires complete organization and fortunately I'm good at that...but I have to keep a schedule.  Sometimes I have to give things up to let my customers come first.

Because I see my customers at the same time every campaign, I'm locked into that schedule.  It's VERY hard to vary it because I only have two days to play catch-up if I miss a day or two if I'm sick.  I remember back when I was only a few years into my "new" time with Avon, I got the flu.  Oh boy.  I was sick.  I did a lot of phone calls from my bed and my husband took orders around to my customers so I could collect all my money since my bill had to be paid, as it turned out, five days before I ever thought of getting out of bed. But I got paid, and didn't lose any orders.'s the thing.  When it's time for my order to come, I have about a half day of prep work to get ready for it.  And then on a day like today, I sit and wait for my driver to get here.  When he does, it takes between five and six hours to get everything unpacked, sorted, bagged and ready for deliveries, which will take me a week.  During delivery week, I don't have a lot of free time so I might not be here as often.

Boy, that was a long story to explain why I go AWOL from time to time!

One of the best things about being a rep is that I get to see some things ahead of time, and as a Maven,  I get some new products even further in advance.  Yesterday I got one of those boxes.  One thing is especially interesting.  It's a brand new mascara!  There's nothing on the market like this anywhere.  If you're a customer, or maybe someone who'd thinking about buying Avon, keep your eye out for the C17 brochure.  I guarantee that if you wear mascara, you will want this new one.  I have it and it's nothing short of amazing!!!

Our Maven group has been doing a lot of photos of products we own.  I haven't been able to do any of them yet, but I'm learning a lot from so many different people.  Tricks, and just thinking out of the box when it comes to makeup.  And there are a LOT of good-looking women in the Maven group!!  Every picture is awesome!

I'm still looking for questions I might be able to answer.  And if you need help choosing the right color, let me help!!

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