Friday, June 14, 2013

A Maven Goes To A Party

Yep...last night we went to a party!  It was our annual President's Club event and it's always a party!!

My husband is usually my guest and I told him which hotel to go to.  I felt uneasy because I didn't see one single car that had anything even remotely related to Avon.  So...we walked up the stairs and what did we find?  About a million Mary-Kay reps!!  Obviously we weren't in the right place.  Side story...many years ago I did a training in Ohio and in the very next room was a Mary-Kay event.  At our break we went out and discovered that they had eaten nearly all of our break food.  They were milling around and I mentioned that this particular table of food had been paid for by Avon!  They looked at me, looked at each other and just walked away without saying a word.  During the makeup session I pointed out that we should never look like we have a mask of makeup on, and one woman wisely mentioned that nearly all of the women next door looked WAY overdone.  The class laughed!

Anyhow, we decided that the hotel across the street was the most likely place to go and we were lucky!  I saw Avon cars in the parking lot and we were only five minutes late.  The party really hadn't started yet so we got to mingle a bit.  Since we were late, our brand new divisional manager Stephanie had time to chat with us for a couple of minutes.  She is wonderful and I can't wait to partner with her on makeup events in the division!

The "party" was really fun and shortly after we discussed the new amazing mascara, one of the women in my district went up and asked Stephanie if I could apply it on her.  Mary has nearly invisible lashes.  Stephanie was all for it.  I spoke for a minute or two, telling everyone about all the great feedback I'd gotten on the Maven FB page.  Then I applied one coat (they'd warned me that time was limited) and the difference was nothing short of amazing!!  She still has little lashes but you could see them!!  I suggested that she try a couple of additional coats at home to see how it looks.  Here's a picture of us right after we did the little demo.

My manager is so wonderful...she told me that she couldn't reveal any secrets ahead of time...when I got my award for #2 in the district in total sales, she said she had to surprise me with it!

And I don't know if this is a national thing or not, but Stephanie asked all of the former Spirit of Avon recipients to come to the front of the room to welcome the new people to the group.  We had two districts there and the first "winner" has been with Avon over 40 years and she's such a wonderful, nice woman.  The second one was one of our really terrific leadership reps.  She's kind and truly deserves this award.  Then we all signed a poster with Spirit of Avon on it and it'll have every new Spirit of Avon winner on it forever!  What a nice touch!!

Dinner was great, after they took my dinner back because it had crab meat on it.  I can't eat any kind of fish. I don't know if I'm allergic but it really bothers me.  SO...dinner was excellent and the chocolate cake was just yummy!!!

Every person who won an award deserved it.  These districts work hard and because of that, our division was #1 in the country last year in sales.  We're working hard on leadership too.

I know that many of you reading this aren't Avon Reps, or if you are, you haven't made PC yet.  If you ever get the opportunity to go as a guest (or when you MAKE PC) you'll understand what a real celebration is.  I don't know of any other direct sales company that does something like this for their representatives.  It's wonderful and we all look forward to it.

Now onto some Maven stuff!  Next week we're to do our faces with Avon products that cost $20 or less.  It's to show you that you can have a quality full-face of makeup for less money than you'll spend in the drug store or Wal-mart.  And if you shop at high end stores, this will prove that Avon's quality and results will be much less than you'll spend in the expensive places.

Hopefully, I'll be able to post my face first thing Monday!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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