Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Gold or Silver?

I've done a couple of blogs before.  This one is the first, though, during the Facebook era.  What I'm finding is that people are reading my blog, but instead of leaving comments here, I get them either by private message or on Facebook.  If you're reading this, please try to comment here.  I don't always get to Facebook, even if you think  you see me there!  Sometimes I forget to turn it off!

Yesterday, a good friend of mine suggested something great for me to write about.  Back when I was a trainer, she was a district manager, and when I did classes locally, she often volunteered to assist.  We got to know each other pretty well.  She retired as a manager, but came back as a representative so our connection goes on.  She'll very knowledgeable and gives me great ideas!!

Today we're going to talk about something new representatives struggle with.  And that's how to determine what shades of makeup to choose for their customers.  When I was teaching, we made it pretty easy.  We used swatches of gold and silver lame fabric.  You can even go buy a quarter of a yard of each of them and use it with YOUR customers.

The silver swatch will help you recognize "cool" customers, and the gold swatch is for "warm" customers.  This is your first step.  Spread the cloth out under the chin of your customer.  If you're using the gold one and she looks terrible she's likely not warm!  Try the silver one.  If it brightens her face up and makes her look healthy, then she's cool.  If you use them both and can't see a significant difference, then she's probably neutral.  Sometimes the gold one will KIND of look good, and the silver doesn't look good at all.  That means she's probably neutral/warm.  You could get the same results with the silver one.  This is kind of tricky, but once you SEE that one is better than the other, you'll get more confident.

There are other "clues" when determining warm or cool.  Does she prefer cream or white shirts?  Cream is warm, white is cool.  How about her very favorite color?  That can be a clue to whether she's warm or cool because MOST people tend to wear their best colors.  For me, my best color is an orangy/red.  I am definately warm.  How about their makeup?  Mostly warm or cool colors?  Or do they have a lot of everything?  Neutrals tend to have the most makeup because they look good in most colors.  Do she have yellow or blue undertones in her skin?  And don't be fooled by the makeup she's wearing or the veins in her wrists.  Check her eyes?  Does she have yellow or brown flecks?  She's warm (or neutral warm).  If she has clear blue eyes with no flecks, she's likely cool.  How about her hair?  Ask what color it was in her early 20's.  Her NATURAL color.  Did she have natural yellow or gold highlights in her hair?  Did she get silvery or ashy highlights?  Are you seeing the point here?  The most important thing to remember is that you will not likely get accurate "results" with every person, meaning warm eyes, warm undertones and warm hair.  Go by the eyes and the hair if you're not sure!!  It works, I promise you!

I know that a lot of young women today have the "anything goes" attitude and that's great!  But most of your customers will want to know what YOU recommend for them.

Here's the tricky part.  How do you learn warm and cool colors?  Warm colors have more yellow.  Think coral, peach, greens.  Cool colors have more blue.  Think purple, lavender, mauve.  If you have any red lipstick samples, line them all up and then try to put the one with the most blue at one end, and the one with the most yellow at the other.  With practice you'll be able to just LOOK at a lipstick, especially red, and tell if it's warm or cool.  Avon has a lot of neutral lipsticks, and a lot of cool ones...not too many good warm colors.  Look at the lipstick charts in the brochure.  I bet you can learn which are warm/cool/neutral with practice!

If you know if your customer is warm or cool you'll be able to suggest the correct colors for your customer. That means fewer returns for you and more money in your pocket!!

I know some of you will have questions.  If you do, please leave them in the comment section and when I do my next blog entry, I'll answer them as best I can!!


  1. Thank you , Chris, for a very informative, educational post. You are right in that recognizing/recommending color is next to impossible for a new rep. What am I saying -- it's difficult even when one is NOT a new rep. :) THANKS for all of the wonderful suggestions, ESPECIALLY the gold/silver lame' -- what a fantastic idea!!

  2. Traci LautsbaughJune 26, 2013 at 7:39 PM

    Thanks for the info, it was very informative. Quick question: I have an aunt that has very fair skin. She's a red head with blue eyes. What color eyeliner/shadow would be best? I know purple brings out green eyes, but I'm not sure on blue eyes. Thanks again for being so helpful.

  3. Traci, everyone with red hair is warm...either VERY warm or neutral warm. The best color to bring out blue eyes is brown or taupe. I use shades of brown and like what it does for my eyes. She could try khaki liner to see how she likes that combination. It's my "go to" liner.

  4. Another SUPER post!! I can't wait for your next one!! You & I go way back & like I was telling you at our PC Gala: EVERYTIME I attend one of your trainings or spend time with you I learn something new! I think your posts are great for all Representatives!! Even things we know can often be forgotten & a little brush up is wonderful for everyone.
    Please post in our District Facebook Page when you write the next one!!

  5. I remember when Avon marked their brochure shades 'warm' or 'cool'. Wish they'd do it again!