Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Color Clinic #1

Well, the big day has come and gone.

Last Saturday was the makeup clinic that I'd had planned for well over a month.  The Makeup Maven from a neighboring district, Mellisa Brownawell, helped a lot and because she did, I think things turned out really well.

Our DVM was aware that we were doing this but offered us no help or support.  I created a basket to use as a raffle to help defray the costs, and brought some of my own new makeup for the attendees to test (with cotton swabs) if they chose.  Some did, most didn't.  Mellisa did two makeovers and brought all of her own makeup, samples and did a very professional job on each of the young women.

We had two DSM's in attendance and I introduced them as guests.  We had 11 representatives there and one brought a guest.  I'd had RSVP's for around 30.  I was disappointed but the people who were there said they enjoyed it and said it was a great afternoon!!

My manager videotaped the entire thing and when I have a day, I'm going to download it, and edit it down to five minutes.  I'll attach it here, post it on youtube if I can figure it out, and will get it out to several other places.  I know many of my fellow Mavens haven't had much help from either their managers or DVM's and one of the reasons I did this was to show that it CAN be done.

My biggest challenge was this...I had to pay for the location.  I did the raffle hoping to offset the cost.  It didn't.  So financially I took a small hit. Can I charge a small fee next time?  I don't know. I would love to do these throughout the division, with or without the assistance of my DVM, but frankly, I simply can't afford it.  Our division is large-some areas are five hours away-and I can't afford to have someone find a place, pay for it, pay for my samples etc to do small makeovers, and gas for a one or two hours class.  I hope that as this program moves forward, we'll have more suggestions and help as to how to get color information out there to the masses.

I've been asked, as the "skin care guru", to come to a neighboring district to do a class on skin care (not as a maven) but I can also do an hour on color.  Two classes, educating more and more women.  If we can work this out so I don't lose any money, I'd love to do it!!  We'll see how it goes!

Unfortunately, no one took pictures of the event in progress.  Once I do my video, maybe I can take a few stills out to post.  We'll see how it goes.

So one event down.  More to go, I hope!!


  1. Why not charge a small $5.00 fee or look to some of the churches that have womens groups and offer to do these on one of those days. I am sure there are some non profit groups that want to learn. Another would be to have each person bring their own makeup and see what they are using and they can do makeovers with their makeup? Or suggest everyone meet at a local park (weather permitting) and bring a dish to share and have a picnic make over season. Each person brings something and one brings drinks ect. Ask friends who work where there is an office if you could use their conference room for a class. There may be some women owned companies that may be willing to donate the space and offer it as a moral builder for their employees who want to attend. All I can think of this time but maybe it will work out. How bout the big room at the Golden corral or restaurant that you could use a corner but not rent the entire room? Sandy

  2. These are some really great suggestions. The biggest challenge is that I'm only to do these for representatives (unless they change the policy) so women's groups and companies are out for now. But I WOULD like to do a class for women who bring their makeup and I can show them tips and make color suggestions. Someone actually brought that up the other day. As they told us recently, we're the guinea pigs for this new program and maybe when we start year two there'll be guidelines where we can expand some. thanks for all the suggestions!!!

  3. I'd gladly pay $5.00 and/or bring my own makeup to learn more techniques. Sorry I couldn't make it there on Saturday. It sounds like it was fun.
    Good luck, Traci

  4. Hello Chris - I am not understanding why you can only have the classes with Representatives. Representatives on my team are now having successful Avon parties, using brochrues, samples, a few games and closing with orders, appointments and booking parties. I think a table setup with the new Elements Makeup Remover wipes, skincare questionairre cards, skincare and makeup would be a great way to incorporate the class into the party. Maybe start with class and then end with party? Representatives can ask friends to the class and party. Promise.... turn it into a customer party... you and representatives that assist you will gain new skincare/makeup customers, possible new representaitves and new bookings! Toni