Tuesday, August 27, 2013

After the Pneumonia

I can't believe it's been a few weeks since I last posted.

As many of you know, I was literally struck down with pneumonia about two weeks ago.  I was sick for nearly a week before it was diagnosed, but thankfully, my doctor started me on precautionary antibiotics.  I think that her doing that saved me a week or two of more serious illness.  

As a result, I have done very little Avon.  I am very fortunate that my husband helped take over and a customer who's a former rep came by and helped him sort and bag my entire order.  It was nearly $2000 worth of products.  I also had two customers drive me around to drop off all my orders.  I made calls and my customers had their money and orders ready when we got there.  And my drivers actually did most of the going to the door to drop things off.

I'm blessed to have a husband who cares enough about me (and my business) to keep it going.  I'm blessed to have customers who were accomodating and as a result, with all this help, I was able to send in an order last night of nearly $1700.  My order comes back this Thursday and I'll work that evening and Friday morning and then take the weekend off to get more rest in before I really dig into deliveries!!

During this illness, I had a lot of time to think and plan the Makeup Clinic Mellisa Brownawell and I are having in early September.  Because we aren't charging anything to the reps/customers, we'll be having a raffle to help offset the cost of our location.  I'm excited!  We're going to talk about the new makeup items and allow time for Mellisa to show some of the new makeup trends.  I'm looking forward to helping the attendees use a makeup item they either don't know how to use or don't use well.  That's always a fun thing-they can go back to their customers with a bit of hands-on knowledge under their belts.  

If this event goes well, I'd like to do another one in a month or two, perhaps in another area if the managers in my division would like to do it.  As a divisional Maven, I really want to spread the word on how to look good!  

Pictures and maybe even a video to follow!!

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend and get ready to start your fall color (and skin care!) sales!!


  1. Welcome back and enjoy your seminar, I am sure it will go well. I have used your products all my life and still get told how wonderful my face looks. I'll be glad to testify to the Avon product. Sandy

  2. Thanks! Wish you could be here to attend the clinic to show how great makeup can look when your skin is in great shape!!